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In addition to offering an amazing in-person experience at our historic and absolutely stunning physical location in Markham Village, which use to be an old school for boys and girls in the late 1800's, Red Booth Law understands the importance of convenience and offers all of our clients an exceptional virtual service. With incomparable legal solutions related to estate planning, estate administration, and estate litigation being delivered to anyone that either resides or has real estate and/or personal property in the Province of Ontario, Red Booth Law is flawlessly able to achieve this with much ease.

With newly enacted amendments under s.4 of the Succession Law Reform Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. S.26, now is the most exciting time to take full advantage of the extreme convenience our law firm is proud to offer to all of our clients. The Ontario government now provides Red Booth Law to directly communicate with you through the use of various audio-visual communication technology, such as Apple Face Time and ZOOM. Essentially, so long as our lawyer is able to see, hear and communicate with you in real time, the entire scope of your legal matter can be satisfied through our most effective, convenient and secure way all from the comfort and privacy of your home. For instance, where you are in need of a Will that has been personally drafted by Red Booth Law which truly reflects how your last wishes are to be honoured, everything from your initial free phone consultation to the execution and witnessing of your Will and Powers of Attorney documents can all be satisfied with the use of simplistic tools.














Last Will and Testament

At Red Booth Law, the attention to detail that our team and knowledgeable estates lawyer imputes into every last word of your personally drafted Will extends far beyond what any generic template is able to produce. Essentially, this means you will always receive a highly detailed original instrument that takes every angle of your family dynamic into consideration, allowing all of your final wishes to be exceptionally accurate and easy to understand by your chosen Executor.

Powers of Attorney

Just like our Wills, Red Booth Law never compromises on excellence when your Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care are being personally crafted by our law firm. This assures you that your instrument will always be an original and will only contain the highest of quality information and instructions for your chosen Attorney.


When formally amending minor clauses to an already existing Will, you can be assured Red Booth Law will competently approach your Codicil just as if we were personally drafting any one of your other testamentary documents. This means you will receive an extremely precise Codicil reflecting the exciting changes that have unfolded within your life, all while keeping all of your wishes within your Will intact and valid.

Virtual Legal Services

Simple.  Easy.  Fast.


Simply call to have your free initial consultation.


Easily execute all your documents, virtually.


Quickly receive your documents, via registered mail.

Probate & Estate Administration

First and foremost, grieving is where your body and mind starts the process of recovering. Our recommendation is to continue to focus on you, allow yourself to grieve and keep surrounding yourself around all those continuing to support you through this moment.


Due to the fact probate requires an intensive judicial process, Red Booth Law fully understands the need for perfection as there is absolutely no room for even the slightest bit of error. The attention our law firm puts into analyzing every one of the deceased’s records and financial statements is just the tip of the iceberg in our approach to your probate matter.

Estate Litigation

As an Estate Trustee, numerous tasks are involved and all duties and responsibilities of an Estate Trustee shall be performed. Where you believe the Estate Trustee failed to collect and secure all of the estate assets, is not paying creditors, rendering all accounts, paying all the appropriate beneficiaries, claiming too much in compensation or taking too long to administer an estate, you have legal rights to challenge the conduct of the Estate Trustee and can make a claim to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.​

Being the most commonly recognizable form of Estate Litigation, we also handle matters related to contesting the validity of a Will (or Trust or Powers of Attorney). Where you believe the testator was lacking the necessary mental capacity, wasn’t provided with the knowledge and approval of the contents within their testamentary documents, or there may have been a presence of undue influence or fraud involved, we highly recommend you contact Red Booth Law and make a claim for the possibility to change the distribution of the testator's assets or even have the Will set aside as if it never existed.



Where you are buying or inheriting a real estate property located in Markham Village, Unionville, or elsewhere in the City of Markham, we always take all necessary steps to make sure your real estate closing is satisfied in accordance to your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.


We fully understand that moving into this beautiful place you now get to call 'home' is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make in your life, and it is this reason alone that pushes us to make sure all issues within the said contract between you and the seller are dealt with. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that on the day of your real estate closing your new journey will start in the most positive way and the memories built will be everything you dreamt of.


There has never been a better time to sell your house than now. Whether you are looking into early retirement by taking advantage of today's hot real estate market or need a bigger home for your growing family, Red Booth Law is your perfect choice for a reliable, trustworthy and welcoming experience.

Regardless if the real estate property is situated in Unionville, Markham Village, or elsewhere in the City of Markham, to also provide even greater continuity between a death of an individual owning real estate property and the selling of the real estate property owned by the deceased's estate, our knowledgeable real estate lawyer also has a great amount of experience in estates law. With a full understanding of all the procedures involved in these types of sensitive real estate transactions, our team always makes sure the selling of the deceased's real estate property closes smoothly and promptly.


Whether the real estate property you own may be obtaining a new first mortgage;  replacing an already existing one; receiving a second mortgage; or should you require your real estate property to be financed by way of a third-party mortgage (also known as a private lender), you can count on Red Booth Law to prepare all necessary materials, closing documents and your final report in a timely fashion.


Notary Public Services

As a practicing Barrister and Solicitor qualified within the Province of Ontario, our exceptionally professional and friendly practitioner is immediately licensed under the Notaries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. N.6 to become a Notary Public within Ontario. At Red Booth Law, our lawyer receives all the powers of a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits as well as has the capacity to witness, validate, certify and attest the implementations of a document, along with either approve or attest documents to be real duplicates of the original, should you require any one of these professional services.



Red Booth was extremely caring & attentive with my case. They’re able to create a personalized & professional approach & was always there to answer my questions no matter how big or small in a timely fashion.


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The Red Booth Law team goes above and beyond in terms of their very helpful service!

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Working with Red Booth Law was a great experience. He did our Wills and our Power of Attorney. Everything was done virtually and he was very thorough, and everything was very confidential. I would definitely use his services again.


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