Who We Are

We are Red Booth Law, an Ontario estates law boutique dedicated to providing competent legal advice about estate related matters, such as: Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Estate Litigation and Real Estate. Our primary focus is to provide excellent advice and results that exceed our client's expectations.  We achieve this by carefully listening to our clients and getting it right the first time.


Being an estates law firm, we advise Executors, Beneficiaries and anyone else who has questions regarding any aspect of estate law in Ontario, including a Will, Power of Attorney, Probate, Guardianship Application, Passing of Accounts, Estate Litigation and Real Estate.

Our Approach Towards Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

More importantly, through a forward-thinking approach, we are committed in our continuing strive to provide the most equitable, diverse and inclusive experience for our clients. Rather than reacting to a response, we’ve taken the initiative and integrated routine training to better recognize areas of improvement that allow us to further enhance your experience. This includes deliberately considering Canada’s colourful society and approaching clients of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, disability, religion, education and family/marital status in a courteous and professional manner where our legal services are equally provided to they.