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Firstly, alongside other related legal matters, thank you for choosing our law firm to competently handle your real estate closing, probate, and drafting of your Will and Powers of Attorney documents. More importantly, whether you're dwelling in Bowmanville or its delightful surrounding areas of Courtice, New Castle, Clarington, Hampton, Oshawa, Whitby, or elsewhere in the Regional Municipality of Durham, our legal team are absolutely honoured to be providing you with our one-of-a-kind approach to legal services.


As well, at Red Booth Law, our real estate and probate lawyer in Bowmanville always commences each legal matter with a distinctive and personalized approach. This provides all our clients with the assurance that their legal issues related to real estate closings, probate, or drafting of their Will and Powers of Attorney are fully understood by our devoted legal team and reliable Bowmanville lawyer. Striving to always provide our Bowmanville clients with the most thought-out and consciously calculated recommendations, our overall aspiration is to ensure we concentrate on what is most important to you all while delivering a client experience that extends much further than a conventional law firm.


Where you require a dependable and trustworthy lawyer who will approach every aspect of your real estate closing, probate, or estate planning needs with only the highest standard of professionalism, our committed and trustworthy Bowmanville lawyer is an excellent recommendation. By combining  a traditionalistic and forward thinking approach toward the strategies to your legal matter, our law office in Bowmanville stands tall with confidence in providing all our clients with an highly exclusive and innovatory client experience.

My experience with Rohit was very pleasant and lovely. He was very welcoming, professional and guided us on what we needed to do in terms of closing. He walked us through all the documentation and paperwork and answered any questions/concerns we had very thoroughly. He went out of his way to assist us and updated us throughout the entire process. I'd definitely recommend him!


Rohit is so kind, approachable and extremely accommodating. We had an urgent purchase agreement which needed to be reviewed by EOD and Rohit not only got it done but ensured he set time aside to connect with us and review every part of the agreement with us. His flexibility and friendly nature discerns him from all others! 1000% recommend .





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As the next phase of your life unfolds, irrespective of whether you are purchasing or selling a real estate property, by retaining our real estate law office and real estate lawyer in Bowmanville or its surrounding areas, such as Courtice, New Castle, Clarington, Hampton, Oshawa, Whitby, you can be ensured that your real estate purchase, sale, mortgage and/or refinance will be professionally handled in the most competent way.

Here, at our law firm, when you retain our real estate legal services in Bowmanville, you are also selecting a highly experienced and very dependable real estate lawyer whose threshold extends much further than the expected requirements. Beyond many other considerations, this includes: where your written consent has yet to be provided for, an in-depth review and detailed explanations of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale; determining and providing you with a clear outline of all necessary conditions listed within the Condominium Status Certification, should you be purchasing a real estate condominium suite; validating the property taxes attached to the real estate property and making sure property taxes are current; providing you with proper calculation of the correct Land Transfer Tax that will be required on the date of closing your real estate property; prior to our real estate law office successfully registering and transferring title into your name, being satisfied all necessary encumbrances and/or liens registered on title are free and clear; and providing you with the quality of real estate legal services that you deserve.

Alongside having a great understanding in realizing this will be one of the most spectacular and memorable moments within your life, our legal team also acknowledges the large financial amount involved within your real estate transaction. For this reason, in addition to our Bowmanville real estate lawyer providing you with an outstanding experience and highly accurate legal services, our real estate law office in Bowmanville also takes all proper measures needed to always protect your best interest through the entirety of your real estate purchase, sale, mortgage and/or refinance.

We look forward to providing you with our one-of-a-kind real estate legal services and encourage you to contact us or call our Bowmanville real estate law office at 416 953 0040.

Real Estate Closings


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Having great knowledge and experience within the area of estate law, our probate lawyer in Bowmanville sympathizes by recognizing the pain and suffering death can contribute towards a person's mental health. Acknowledging this, our Bowmanville probate lawyer encourages all of our clients who are experiencing death of a loved one to take the necessary time and grieve in a way that is most healthy for you. All while providing you with the recommended space to properly recover, our Bowmanville law office will skillfully and efficiently take care of your probate situation and have the authorized person(s) appointed as Estate Trustee by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

In addition to having a great understanding of the numerous legislative statutes particularly related to estate law and probate, our Bowmanville estate lawyer also implements the mandatory attention that is required to have you successfully appointed as Estate Trustee. Our estate lawyer in Bowmanville accomplishes this by reviewing and precisely inspecting all conditions attached to the deceased's Will. Once all testamentary clauses and trusts have been positively identified, only then does our legal team begin the lengthy process that is involved within drafting all necessary legal instruments in a systematic and correct way. In addition to our Wills and Estate lawyer in Bowmanville having a vast understanding within the area of probate, our law firm in Bowmanville also acknowledges the specific requirements needed to help adapt to situations where a person died without a Will.


With always being considerate to your situation, our welcoming Bowmanville probate lawyer accommodates you by taking the necessary time to comprehend and fully understand your legal matter. Where you require a highly experienced, friendly and accomplished probate lawyer in Bowmanville or its surrounding areas of either Courtice, New Castle, Clarington, Hampton, Oshawa, or Whitby, feel free to contact our Bowmanville law office at a time most convent for you or call our Bowmanville law firm at 416 953 0040.

Probte & Estate Administration


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Death is an occurrence that is unescapable and may materialize at any given moment. With this being said, our Wills and estate lawyer in Bowmanville and its surrounding areas of Courtice, New Castle, Clarington, Hampton, Oshawa, and Whitby has a great understanding of the numerous avenues that are available to properly secure your assets prior to and following the date of your death. Here, at our law office in Bowmanville, alongside providing you with a satisfactory experience that can only be provided by our Bowmanville Wills and estate lawyer,  you will also receive the comfort in knowing your assets have been fundamentally protected and will be properly distributed to your entitled beneficiaries.


We take great pride in drafting each of our clients original Wills and Powers of Attorney. Alongside including an unparalleled and exclusive analyzation of what is most signification to you, prior to and after your death, our approach to efficiently structuring your estate exceeds notably farther than any other. The precision and accuracy we implement to every single word of your originally drafted Will and Powers of Attorney provides you with the reassurance that our Bowmanville Wills and Estate lawyer explores all resources to provide you with many options and tools that work best for you when structuring specific trusts and/or instructions within your Will, Continuing Power of Attorney for Property, and Power of Attorney for Personal Care.

Where you are in need of a properly planned estate and highly detailed testamentary documents, contact our estate planning lawyer in Bowmanville by email or phone at 416 953 0040.

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estate Planning

Being a licensed Barrister and Solicitor within Ontario, under the Notaries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.N.6, our notary lawyer in Bowmanville obtains the ability of a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits. Alongside the said, our Bowmanville notary public service lawyer also has the ability to validate, witness, certify and attest documents to be an identical replica of the original instrument.

Where you require an experienced, highly competent, friendly and accommodating Bowmanville law firm near you that provides a professional and personalized experience within the areas of Real Estate Closings, Probate, Wills and Estate Planning, feel free to phone our Bowmanville law office at 416 953 0040 today and schedule a one-to-one consultation.

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