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In order for your Will to be valid in the Province of Ontario, it must be in 'writing' and 'executed'. At Red Booth Law, every single word of your Will is personally drafted by us and always illustrates how your real estate and/or personal property are to be disposed of through your specific direction and wishes.

There's more than one way to die without a Will

It's no big surprise, anyone and everyone knows that legislation (Succession Law Reform Act of Ontario) determines how your estate shall be distributed, should you die without a Will in Ontario.  However, this is not the end-all-and be-all determining factor.  For instance, did you know if your Will is not competently drafted and your signature is not properly executed, there is a high possibility that your wishes may not be carried out in accordance to your instructions.  Let's say five years after the date of executing your Will you become a grandparent, again, and now wish to increase the portion of your estate that is to be held in trust for all your grandchildren's education.  Unfortunately, anything written after your executed signature will be declared null and void and your grandchildren will not receive your updated wish.  In fact, depending on which type of lawyer drafted your Will, there may be a possibility that any further grandchildren will not receive anything at all.

You are an original, not a template

There are endless ways to draft a Will and just like every 7.8 billion of us, no two of our personally drafted Wills are alike.  Due to the fact that all Wills share certain characteristics, many lawyers rely on using Will templates from Ontario or downloading a free Canadian Will template.  However, the caveat to this, because your family dynamic will never be the same as your neighbours, it's impossible for these free Will templates to take every possible situation into consideration.  That's why we take the time to sit down with you, actually listen to your situation and understand your family dynamic.  Once we receive all the necessary information, only then do we start the process of personally drafting your Will.

True equal access to justice for all

The majority of our clients are able to execute our personally drafted testamentary documents.  With this being said, from the 38 million individuals residing in Canada, 73% (approximately 28,008,860 individuals) have some form of disability.  Of those with a seeing disability, 84% use one or more aids, such as an assistive device.  In order to provide true equal access to justice for all individuals in Ontario, Red Booth Law competently takes into consideration every situation and tries to provide satisfactory solutions.  Because Red Booth Law is able to satisfy all in-person legal services virtually, we have a great understanding of how to execute your documents virtually or have a person of your choosing execute your Last Will and Testament on your behalf.