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At Red Booth Law, all while giving you the peace of mind knowing your estate has been secured for your loved ones financial future, our approach to planning your estate involves listening and providing you all possible options that will help you make the most sound choice.


In order to appropriately develop a comprehensive plan that truly reflects all your last wishes, our estate planning process takes your financial and personal situation into account. Your plan should also contemplate potential future incapacity and explore options including a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care.

The thought pattern allows this crucial step to determine how you will want your assets to be preserved, managed and distributed after your death or in the event you are to become mentally incapacitated at any time in the future.

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A new Angus Reid Institute poll finds that over 19,474,613 Canadians (51%) say they have no last Will in place, while only one-third (35%) say they have one that is up to date.


As time moves forward, you will continue to celebrate the unfolding of special and amazing moments only life has to offer. With the majority of these events arising unexpectedly, there is a high probability that your last Will hasn’t been amended to consider the reflection of all your current wishes that shall be carried out after your death.


Rather than paying a handsome amount for a newly drafted Will every time your wishes need to be amended and/or updated, Red Booth Law recommends a formal testamentary legal document be drafted by our highly professional and extremely competent estate planning team. Also, when retaining our legal services, without ever using any sort of templates, you can be assured each and every single last word of your codicil is personally drafted by our devoted lawyer. Lastly, without contradicting any other clauses or trusts within your Will, you can have the confidence in knowing that your codicil will always receive only the highest of threshold, greatest of details, and the most precise information that truly represents all of your last wishes.