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Real Estate

Easy and affordable way to close your property.

Whether you are starting the next chapter of your life or selling a real estate property and taking advantage of the return on your real estate investment, you can be assured that, when you retain our law office as your real estate closing lawyer our legal real estate team will professionally and competently represent your purchase or sale of your real estate property closing.


Real Estate Closings

By having our highly knowledgeable and credible real estate lawyer on your side, you can have the confidence in knowing our threshold extends far beyond the basic requirements. This includes: thoroughly reviewing and explaining in great detail your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, should you have yet to sign and initial the agreement; meticulously examining and informing you of the Condominium Status Certificate, should you be purchasing a condominium suite; ensuring your property taxes are up-to-date; calculating the appropriate Land Transfer Tax that is due upon the date of closing; making sure the real estate property is free and clear of any and all necessary liens and/or encumbrances that may be registered on title; and taking all necessary steps to ensure you receive the correct real estate property.

Always having an understanding in knowing this is one of the most exciting moments in your lifetime and largest transactions you will ever be making, we routinely take the necessary time needed to focus on all details surrounding your real estate transaction. Beyond our real estate closing lawyer providing you with exceptional legal services and great clarity, Red Booth Law takes the utmost pride in properly safeguarding your best interest through the entirety of your real estate purchase or sale procedure.

Whether you reside in Toronto, Bowmanville or elsewhere in Ontario and would like to schedule an online video conference appointment, feel free to call 416 953 0040 or email our law office at

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