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Probate and estate administration lawyer.

The probate process is a court-supervised procedure that appoints an individual as the executor of a deceased person's estate. Beyond the formalities of legal recognition, probate also comes with the significant responsibility of managing and distributing the estate's assets, ensuring that the transfer to beneficiaries is both efficient and compliant with law.


Competent and reliable probate lawyer.

Also practicing in the area of probate and estate administration law, our probate lawyer recognizes the importance of properly grieving from a loss of a loved one who impacted your life in a significant way. More importantly, where you are the entitled individual having a right to be appointed as Estate Trustee and now must sort through the timeless memories, let go and dispose of cherished items, and distribute priceless heirlooms and assets belonging to the estate, we realize this may cause additional stress and anxiety on your mental health. Acknowledging this, our law firm recommends you taking the time to focus on recovering while we competently and professionally handle your probate matter and have you successfully appointed as Estate Trustee.

Alongside reviewing various mandatory statutes and legislation specifically related to probate and estate law, knowing the legal procedures involved in meticulously examining your loved ones Will and properly identifying all clauses to any trusts and beneficiaries is just the starting point to our comprehensive approach. Once our probate estate lawyer has been satisfied to all the terms and conditions within the Will, we then turn our attention to structurally drafting all compulsory legal documents requested by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in a systematic and satisfactory fashion. Further, in addition to having vast legal knowledge within the area of estate law, our Toronto (Scarborough) and Bowmanville based law firm also recognizes the essential requirements needed to accommodate those scenarios where an individual passed away without a testamentary document.


Whether you reside in Toronto (Scarborough), Bowmanville or elsewhere in Ontario and would like to schedule an online video conference appointment, feel free to call 416 953 0040 or email our law office at


What it means to be an executor of an estate?

The person designated in a Will as the executor is tasked with managing the estate of the deceased in accordance with their wishes as stated in the Will and the laws of the province. This encompasses locating and, if required, probating the Will, safeguarding and distributing assets, settling outstanding debts and taxes, and presenting a comprehensive accounting to the beneficiaries of the estate.

What an estate trustee should consider:

  • ​As the person responsible for carrying out the instructions of a will or trust, you have a duty to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries and comply with the law. If you have any concerns about potential personal liability, we highly recommend you correspond with our probate lawyer in Toronto (Scarborough) and Bowmanville.

  • If you have been named the executor of an estate but are unable or unwilling to fulfill the responsibilities that come with the role, you have the option to decline the appointment before taking on any of the duties.

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